Comm1 Clearances On Request™

Comm1 Clearances on Request is the definitive training program on ATC Departure Clearances.

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Developed in the same learn-and-rehearse style as the acclaimed COMM1: VFR and IFR products, COMM1: Clearances on Request is easy for users to take off and learn with.

  • Review your route, then choose and request your clearance in over 100 practice scenarios.
  • Master IFR departure clearances in over 10 hours of comprehensive two-way radio training.
  • Detailed, informative briefings from instrument training expert Russ Lawton cover what to say, when, and why.
  • Test your newfound knowledge in realistic exchanges: Review the Flight plan and charts, then choose and request your clearance from the Clearance Delivery Controller.
  • Extensive practice scenarios: 100 clearances to master!
  • Expand your knowledge of the ATC system and improve copy/readback techniques.




The Basics

Not simply another pretty package, COMM1: Clearances on Request is jam-packed with the information you need. Popular instrument training expert Russ Lawton has written a series of briefings on the ATC clearance system and techniques for copying and reading back IFR clearances:

  • Every exercise offers helpful audio feedback and examples of expert copy techniques.
  • From Flight Plan to Clearance
  • Elements of a Clearance
  • Cockpit Organization
  • Requesting the Clearance
  • Copying the Clearance
  • Reading Back the Clearance


Practice, Practice, Practice

The program offers a series of 100 practice clearances. You get a Flight plan for each exercise, complete with a planned routing. You review the route on the included NOS Low Altitude Enroute Chart and then call up the Clearance Delivery controller (or Flight Service specialist, or Ground Control, etc.) to request the clearance. Then you copy the clearance (using the techniques learned in the briefings) and read it back to the controller, just like in the cockpit. If you miss the clearance, the controller can be asked to "say again".


At the conclusion of the exercise, you get a chance to review your performance and hear how an expert would have read the clearance back, as well as see the expert's notes.

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