Stop spending money in the airplane.
Practice real-time navigation on your PC.

VOR NDB Simulator™ 2.0

VOR NDB Simulator™ is a VOR navigation simulator that enables you to practice real-time VOR and NDB navigation on your Windows PC!

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Requires a PC Running Microsoft Windows (Any Version)

Practicing navigation is simple and effortless! While Navigation And Advanced Avionics™ teaches the theory behind navigation, VOR NDB Simulator™ enables you to practice real-time VOR and NDB navigation on your computer! You don't have to worry about altitude control, radio communications, airspace, traffic, or other major tasks, as you would in real flight. Aircraft are expensive to operate, and they make poor classrooms. With VOR NDB Simulator, you're able to learn navigation techniques on your computer, in an inexpensive and non-distracting environment. 

It's got everything you need to visualize navigation! The screen consists of several components: 1) an airplane flying across the screen, 2) VOR's and NDB's, 3) navigation and flight instruments, and 4) controls that enable you to specify aircraft direction, airspeed, wind component, and other options. 

Develop the skills you need at your own pace! Your objective is to set the navigation instruments accordingly, and then turn the aircraft as needed to intercept and track VOR radials and NDB bearings. You can practice position-finding, interception, and tracking skills. Instrument pilots can also practice advanced skills such as DME arcs and holding. Best of all, you can create custom navigation scenarios by dragging the VOR's, NDB's, and airplane around the screen wherever you wish. It's all point-and-click! 
• On-screen instructions are fully-voice-narrated
• There's only one Simulator Module—you can choose any array of instruments to use, from the Instrument Manager
• The Instrument Manager lets you select flight and nav instruments in an array of combinations (including Directional Gyro, Course Deviation Indicators, Automatic Direction Finder, Horizontal Situation Indicator, and Radio Magnetic Indicator)
• Instruments are draggable, allowing you to arrange them as they exist on your aircraft’s instrument panel
• VOR and NDB navigation can be performed simultaneously on the same screen
• “Random” buttons generate random aircraft heading, navaid positions, aircraft position, and wind speed and direction
• Aircraft can be turned continuously at standard rate (3° per second) and slower with either the keyboard or mouse
• ADF interference causes the ADF or RMI needle to vary its indications, making navigation more difficult
• “Show/Hide” buttons allow you to hide and show the aircraft, course lines, path flown, and heading vectors
• The instruments and map area can be printed by the default printer configured on your computer
• Grid lines on the map area represent square miles
• ADF instrument allows fixed-card and rotatable-card methods of use
• Precision movement of the course needle on the Course Deviation Indicators and Horizontal • Situation Indicator allows greater navigation accuracy
• Compass rose symbol on VOR navaids now remains stationary when the course is changed