Understanding weather information is critical.
The world of complex METARs, TAFs, and PIREPs are made easy.

Weather Statements™ 3.0

39 interactive training modules in 2 hours make it easy to understand the complex world of METARs, TAFs, and PIREPs.

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Requires a PC Running Microsoft Windows (Any Version)

Weather Statements™ teaches METAR’s, TAF’s, and Pilot Reports. Nearly 4 hours of stunning, interactive training is provided. 

This tutorial on METAR’s, TAF’s, and Pilot Reports is unlike any other such training.  It not only teaches the most basic aspects of METAR’s, TAF’s, and Pilot Reports, but also provides training on components that most pilots are unaware of. Still, learning is made easy and fun, through full voice narration and easy-to-use controls. 

Where this tutorial truly shines. Weather Statements™ promotes learning through human interaction—not just rote memorization. A remarkable feature is the interactive weather controls, which enable the user to “control the weather.” For example, the user can specify wind speed, gust factor, direction, and other variables, and can then view how the weather statement displays this information. Since weather codes are confusing to interpret, the user can click the “Speak-It” button to hear a verbal translation. This allows the user to correlate codes with a true, visual picture and understanding of the weather. This tutorial  is perfect for all pilots, from students to rated pilots who wish to remain sharp and proficient. It’s also ideal for airport personnel, dispatchers, and anyone else who needs to view aviation weather information.